For homeowners with A/C systems that run on R22 refrigerant, there is a big change coming. This freon is being phased out world-wide due to its harmful effects on the environment. The US Environmental Protection Agency has stated that R22 refrigerant will become illegal on January 1, 2020, meaning the refrigerant will no longer be allowed to be manufactured or imported into the United States. At Enviromax Services Inc., we understand that it can be confusing to know what this phase out will mean for your air conditioner system, so we’ve laid out some helpful information about the elimination of R22:


How Will the R22 Phase Out Affect You?

With the phasing out of R22, many older air conditioner systems that run on this refrigerant will become obsolete. This means that an A/C technician won’t be able to conduct any repairs that require adding refrigerant to the system. Because a large amount of A/C repairs do include recharging refrigerant, this can pose a large problem for many homeowners. Because of this, many residents are wondering what can be done to counteract the problem. Fortunately, there is something that can be done to avoid issues.


What Can You do if You Own an R22 System?

The best option for those with a R22 air conditioner system is to proactively replace the system before the complete elimination of the refrigerant. This is actually quite useful for many homeowners, as they will get a new, up-to-date HVAC system, meaning the hassle of wondering what to do about your freon is eliminated. Additionally, replacing your old system with a new one can eliminate many of the maintenance issues associated with a worn-out air conditioner. Many of these new systems also use energy much more efficiently, which can help lower energy costs. Another advantage of replacing the system as quickly as possible is the ability to use rebates. Many energy companies are offering rebates to those who switch to a more energy-efficient unit, but these are expected to become unavailable once only non-R22 systems are available. By putting off replacing your old air conditioner unit, you may be costing yourself more money to fix a problem that will eventually require addressing. While it may be an up-front cost, replacing your R22 system with a new unit can help save money in the long run while keeping you cool and eliminating any of the worries that come along with your previous system.


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