As residential areas age, electrical wiring is worn out causing dangerous predicaments within the walls that the homeowners cannot see. For instance, the insulation may wear out due to excessive heat caused by overloaded circuits and failed surge protection. Homeowners should, therefore, be aware of the safety concerns of old wiring in their homes and learn the five common electrical wiring warning signs. Whenever there is doubt about the electrical wiring of your house, it’s often worth the investment to hire a certified electrician, like Enviromax Services, to examine the electrical system and carry out any repair works if necessary. 

1. Breakers and Fuses Go Out Regularly

Circuit breakers will trip whenever excess current flows through the circuit. On the other hand, fuses blow out when excess current also flows through the circuit. While breakers are reused several times by untripping, fuses can only be replaced. Breakers may trip due to excessive current being drawn from the circuit or due to a short within the circuit. Therefore, whenever the breakers trip and the fuses burn out often, it’s a sign that you should call an electrician for your home electrical services.

2. Dimming and Flickering Lights

Whenever the lights are dimming and flickering, it’s a sign of an overload circuit. While this is allowed when some appliances such as the motors are switched on, dimming and flickering of lights in your home is a sign that you should call an electrician for help.

3. Buzzing, Charred or Discolored Outlets

Discolored outlets and light switches are a sign of potential danger in your home. Such electrical appliances should be replaced immediately. The electrical circuit should also be checked as it’s usually the cause of such faults. Faulty wiring causes the outlet to arch making the outlet’s surface char from the heat build-up.

4. Burning Smell

A burning smell at home from an identifiable source is a real reason to call for an electrician. Often, an electrical fire usually has a fairly acrid smell. The short that causes the brief burn has the same smell. If a burning smell is present in your home, you should call an electrician immediately and keep a fire extinguisher in hand for safety.

5. Shocking Switches or Outlets

Shocking switches and outlets are usually a sign that there is some short circuit or loose wiring. Not only is the shock physically unpleasant, but it is also life threatening. Whenever there is some shock in the switches or your outlets, you should call Enviromax to carry out repair works immediately.