Summer may be winding down, but the Texas heat doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. For those with pets, keeping a well-maintained HVAC system during the summer is essential for both your comfort and your pet’s. At Enviromax Services Inc., we understand that pet owners have special HVAC needs, so we’ve laid out some important tips you need to know if you have pets in your home:


  1. Change Your Air Filter Often

Many pet owners have experienced the hassle of cleaning up your pet’s summer shedding. However, your air filter also feels the effects of an increased amount of pet hair in the air. As your dog or cat sheds this season, it disperses throughout the home – and your air filter. This leads to the filter clogging and becoming dirty much more quickly than they do in homes that do not have pets. Check your filter once every couple of weeks to see if it needs changing. You’ll find that the filter needs to be replaced much more often in the summer than during winter, when pets shed less.


  1. Check Your Thermostat Setting

Homes with pets need to be kept at a safe, comfortable temperature to ensure the safety of your furry friend. You need to be sure they will keep cool in the Texas heat, especially when you are not in the home. Typically, setting your thermostat between 75 – 78 degrees Fahrenheit will keep your pet comfortable, but larger or long-haired animals may need a slightly cooler setting. Keep an eye on your pet and see if they show signs of being hot, and adjust your thermostat setting as needed.


  1. Have Your Ducts Cleaned and Sealed

Your ducts are responsible for circulating air throughout your home. Just as with the air filter, the ducts also accumulate pet hair and dander as they shed, meaning you could suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues as these particles circulate throughout the home. Having your ducts cleaned regularly can help you breathe easy during the summer shedding months. Additionally, having any cracks or gaps in your ducts sealed can help prevent pet hair and dander from entering your ducts, making it harder for the particles to enter your ducts.


  1. Schedule Your Yearly A/C Maintenance Service

A yearly A/C maintenance service is always important, but even more so if you have pets in your home. If your unit breaks down while you are away on a hot summer day, this could put your pets in danger of overheating. Having a Cypress, Texas, A/C company service your system can help prevent a potentially dangerous breakdown by allowing a professional technician to take a look at your system and alert you of any problems that could lead to an issue.


Your pets are a part of your family, so you want to make sure they stay cool and comfortable, especially during the hot Texas summer. For professional air conditioner service in Cypress, Texas, give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555.