No one wants to spend their time at home with a box of tissues by their side. However, many Cypress, Texas, residents may find this to be just the case this spring. While you may chalk your allergies up to nothing more than pollen, there may be another reason behind your sneezing: dirty air ducts. As a professional air duct cleaner in Cypress, Texas, Enviromax Services Inc. understands just how frustrating allergies due to dirty ducts can be. We’ve laid out the top ways an air duct cleaning can reduce your allergies so you can finally stop the sneezing:


  1. Reduces Pet Dander

As much as we love our furry friends, when pets shed their coat, it can lead to severe allergy symptoms. To make matters worse, this type of allergen originates within your home, meaning it’s a bit more potent than other allergens that originate outdoors. Over time, this dander accumulates within your air ducts and cycles throughout your home and cause allergy symptoms. A duct cleaning can help by removing the buildup of pet dander within your ducts, so you can breathe easily and enjoy your time with Fido.


  1. Reduces Pollen

Pollen may be an unfortunate side effect of spring, but that doesn’t mean it has to affect you within your home. Over time, this pollen builds up in your air ducts and is cycled throughout your house each time your system activates. A duct cleaning can eliminate the pollen that gradually builds up in your system over time, meaning you can enjoy the spring season without having to worry about pollen in your home.


  1. Reduces Indoor Pollutants

No matter how clean you keep your home, indoor pollutants such as dust or dust mites are almost guaranteed to build up within your air ducts. These pollutants often make their way into your duct work through breezes from open windows or doors. If you’re sneezing a bit more than usual in your home, a duct cleaning can remove the indoor pollutants that may be the cause.


  1. Reduces Mold

Arguably one of the most important benefits a duct cleaning can provide is the removal of mold within your home. As mold accumulates within your air ducts, allergy symptoms may occur, but other safety concerns can arise as well. A thorough duct cleaning from a reputable AC company, like Enviromax Services Inc., can not only reduce your allergy symptoms, it can also ensure you and others in your home stay healthy.


If allergies are making your time in your home less enjoyable, a duct cleaning may be just the solution. To schedule a duct cleaning from Cypress, Texas’ leading AC company, give Envriomax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555.