AC Installation

A cooler home is just one of several benefits that AC installation can provide. Our technicians can provide you with a professional installation service.

Enviromax AC Repair Service

AC Repair

With great skill and training, our Enviromax Services Inc. technicians identify the problem with your AC unit and determine a solution that best fits your home or business.

Annual Replacement EnviroMax Filter

AC Filters

Enviromax Services Inc. designs custom-made air filters for your home and business air conditioning unit. Filters last a year! Learn more or shop now for filters.

Duct Cleaning- Header

Air Duct Cleaning

If you’ve been suffering from allergies or other respiratory issues, a duct cleaning is highly recommended. Optimize the efficiency of your HVAC unit and improve your quality of life!


Blown Insulation

Keeping a home well-insulated and well-maintained is vital to keep utility costs low. Eliminate the risk for potential problems that come along with handling the task yourself.

EmaxTeam - EnviroMax HVAC Services

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vents will save your money and time. Dryer vent cleaning from Enviromax Services Inc. will make your laundry days faster, easier and safer.


Dust Collection

Industrial dust control with Enviromax Services Inc. improves your business by protecting the air, equipment, and employees from harmful dust build up in your work enviroment.

Enviromax Heating Services


Enviromax Services Inc. offers full-service heating repair and installation, so your home or business is always ready for those frigid winter days in Houston.


Surge Protection

Protect your electronics, equip your home with a surge protector. Benefits of our whole-home surge protection: cost-friendly, convenient, & consistent.


UV Lights

We guarantee that with the use of Emax’s Filter system and the Biofighter UV light system your evaporator coil will never get dirty again!