Hurricane Harvey left Houston, Texas, with devastating damage to many homes. While the city is remaining strong, the aftermath of Harvey has left many people worrying about mold building up in their air conditioning unit. Enviromax Services Inc. understands that mold build-up is a huge health concern during this difficult time, so we’ve provided all the information you need to know about mold and your HVAC system:


Enlist Professional Help


In order to properly clean mold from your HVAC unit, you will need a professional’s help. Sure, you may be able to clean parts within your physical reach, but there is more to an HVAC unit than meets the eye. By only cleaning the components you have access to, you leave the rest of the unit filled with mold that can spread back to the newly-cleaned areas. Professional equipment is needed to reach the duct running through the attic, ceiling, and walls. Additionally, attempting to clean mold from your HVAC yourself can lead to improper cleaning of important parts such as the evaporator coils, blower wheel and housing, and supply/return plenums. Essentially, attempting to clean mold from your HVAC system without the help of a professional leads to problems that can end up costing you more in the long run. Leave this important upkeep to the professionals.


What to Watch Out For


Unfortunately, many non-licensed companies will offer their cleaning services at extremely low prices, ranging from $149 – $399. The important thing to keep in mind is the old saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” First off, if a company does not possess an HVAC contractor’s license, they are not allowed to clean the unit. However, these unlicensed companies may try to prey on the fact that many people do not know a license is required. Legally, these companies cannot open the HVAC system and therefore cannot ensure that the mold is properly cleaned. A moldy HVAC system that has not been completely cleaned will regrow mold and leaves you paying for another cleaning much sooner than is needed when the unit is properly cleaned. A proper cleaning will require several technicians and will take at least four hours.


A licensed company, such as Enviromax Services Inc., will ensure that the HVAC system is completely cleaned. The supply and return grilles, along with the return and supply boxes and plenums will be cleaned and reinstalled. A cleaning brush system will be run down through the duct with a high pressure negative air HEPA machine to capture the debris from inside all the ductwork. A thorough cleaning of the A/C evaporator coil and blower wheel/housing will be done as well.




Houston, Texas, has shown amazing strength during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunately, the high amount of water has left many HVAC systems posing health risks due to mold. Enviromax Services Inc. is a licensed company that offers complete and trust-worthy cleaning services for your HVAC system. For any AC or electrical services you may need during this difficult period of recovery, give us a call at (713) 466-7555.