Have you ever thought about how many electrical appliances and devices are plugged into a power outlet in your home or business? Think about it. For the average homeowner, the number of electrical devices is 10 or more. For many homes and commercial buildings, the number of appliances that run on electricity exceeds 20.
Think of how many of these appliances have a digital component. We could easily include TVs, laptops, DVD players, speakers, home cinemas, alarm systems, printers, satellite receivers, game consoles, fridges, dryers, garage door openers, microwaves and other items. All of these devices have one important thing in common – they are all vulnerable to power surges.
What can you do?
This is where surge protection comes in. As part of home improvement, equipment that provides house surge protection keeps all appliances and electrical systems in your home safe. Whole-house surge protection devices, also known as SPDs, are specially designed to protect your expensive gadgets and appliances from strong currents.
The installation process involves working inside the main panel so if you’re unfamiliar with electrical wiring, it is best to called a trained professional like Enviromax Services Inc.
Why surge protection?
If you are not convinced that your home needs a whole house surge protection system, you may be unaware of the benefits with installing one of these devices. Here are the top reasons why wiring surge protection in your home is a smart thing to do.
1. The need is greater than ever: Much has changed for home improvement in the last few years. Everything has circuit boards, including washers, dryers and any other type of appliance. There are many advanced gadgets that are plugged in daily to a power outlet, so the risk of a power surge is simply too great.
2. Save money: In case of a power surge, your expensive gadgets and appliances are safe with surge protection. Just one single power outage followed by a power surge can destroy up to three of your appliances. Few manufacturers cover power surge damage so you might have to spend hundreds of dollars buying new appliances.
3. Peace of mind: Lastly, a whole-house surge protection device installed in your home gives you the peace of mind that your investments are safe and that none of your gadgets will malfunction after a power surge.