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Annual Replacement EnviroMax Filter


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Enjoy the comfort of knowing your home’s air conditioning is protected, but more importantly your families lungs are protected from dust, allergies and mold spores.
-Our Guaranteed “Once a Year” Air conditioning replacement filter.
-“Fit it and forget it” We do the reminding for you when it has been 12 months to change your air filter.
-Made from clay coated craft board with a high efficiency MERV 12 rated pleated material.
-Sizes range from 10” x 10” all the way to 30” x 30”. If you do not see the size you have please contact us directly for a custom fit filter to fit your home’s needs.


Emax patent number: 6,719,820

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10x10x2, 10x10x4, 10x20x2, 10x20x4, 10x30x2, 10x30x4, 12x12x2, 12x12x4, 12x20x2, 12x20x4, 12x24x2, 12x24x4, 12x30x2, 12x30x4, 12x36x2, 12x36x4, 14x14x2, 14x14x4, 14x20x2, 14x20x4, 14x24x2, 14x24x4, 14x25x2, 14x25x4, 14x30x2, 14x30x4, 14x36x2, 14x36x4, 16x16x2, 16x16x4, 16x20x2, 16x20x4, 16x25x2, 16x25x4, 16x30x2, 16x30x4, 16x32x2, 16x32x4, 16x36x2, 16x36x4, 18x18x2, 18x18x4, 18x20x2, 18x20x4, 18x24x2, 18x24x4, 18x25x2, 18x25x4, 18x30x2, 18x30x4, 18x36x2, 18x36x4, 20x20x2, 20x20x4, 20x24x2, 20x24x4, 20x25x2, 20x25x4, 20x30x2, 20x30x4, 20x32x2, 20x32x4, 20x36x2, 20x36x4, 20x40x2, 20x40x4, 24x24x2, 24x24x4, 24x30x2, 24x30x4, 24x36x2, 24x36x4, 25x25x2, 25x25x4, 25x30x2, 25x30x4, 25x32x2, 25x32x4


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