By using your air conditioning wisely, you combine maximum cooling performance with electric energy savings. So, your home or business won’t have to suffer in the heat. This advice is useful all year long, but especially as the weather starts warming up into spring and summer. Here are some ideas on how to achieve cool air while saving money on energy bills:

1. Use the Fan

Many AC models have a “fan only” mode. When you use the fan setting, this means your AC unit won’t spend extra energy to perform its regular cooling cycle. Plus, the internal AC compressor won’t be activated. The fan only mode will help you maintain a cooler temperature during moderately warm days as it increases the air flow in your home or business.

2. Improve Hot Air Ventilation

When air moves around your house or place of business, it’s important to allow the hottest air escape. It’s best to let hot air escape through natural circulation. Always remember that hot air goes upward, so adding ventilation openings on the upper parts of your house or work building will improve this circulation dramatically, with little to no costs.

3. Isolate Problematic Spaces

Your AC works much more effectively and efficiently when you take challenging factors out of the equation. For example, if you are cooking at home, you should close the kitchen door since the AC must fight with the extra heat. Generated heat and humidity from the kitchen will easily spread through the house if you let it. In this case, try to not cook or bathe during the hottest hours of the day.

4. Foresee

It’s cheaper to keep the AC operating before the heat wave hits. Try this instead of operating at the maximum settings when the heat kicks in. It’s more difficult for an AC unit to control the excessive heat that has builds up. So, your home or work will remain cooler overall and the heat won’t have the chance to build up. You can always open the windows too, depending on the outdoor temperature. Two hours of maximum AC settings costs more than four hours of moderate operation.

5. Maintain your AC Unit

AC units must be cleaned and maintained regularly to perform strongly and economically. Changing the filters every month is also important. Some air filters even last an entire year so you only need to change it once every 12 months. As the air flow strengthens, the cooling results are far greater for the same amount of electricity spent. Maintain your AC unit for a cool home or business in Cypress, Texas.

6. Check the Ratings

When buying an air-conditioning unit, pay special attention to its Energy Efficiency Rating. Depending on the size and location of your home or business, select an AC unit with an appropriate rating. Buying a smaller unit may cost less initially, but operating it at its maximum settings to keep up with the overwhelming heat will bring the costs higher in the long term.

Enviromax Services Inc. is a proud Trane Comfort Specialist so our technicians can recommend the best AC unit and maintenance for your house or work building. It’s easy to save money when you know the easiest ways to stay cool. Check out more about our AC services here and how you can maintain your AC unit.