Winter is still upon us, and from October through March homeowners will be facing the prospect of turning on their furnaces. While this may provide warmth and comfort for the family, it can also involve costs that can easily get out of control.

In addition to the cost, furnaces generally burn something in order to produce this heat, and they can sometimes pose a danger to individuals in the house if they are not properly calibrated. For these and other reasons, it is advisable for individuals who own furnaces to always get them checked out during the winter season.

Savvy homeowners have long practiced getting regular furnace tune-ups, and they do so because of the many great benefits that result from taking this action. This article will help to educate those new to the subject and will present some of the many great reasons why getting a tuned-up furnace is a prerequisite to safety and cost efficiency.


1. Save Money

Recent studies have demonstrated that individuals that use outdated and inefficient furnaces can pay up to 15% more on their energy bills, and equipment life can be diminished by 60%. Because of this, furnace tune-ups save consumers hundreds of dollars a year in costs and equipment. Additionally, expensive and inconvenient emergency repairs are able to be avoided if preventive maintenance is performed.

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