As spring begins, the sounds of National Baseball League’s opening day begin also. The coaches have been conditioning their teams for months, practicing and training to see which players have what it takes to get through the season strong. The uniforms are clean, the bats are readied, and the field is manicured precisely. Each game starts out with everyone rested and refreshed, including the fans. As the game progresses, the fans can become restless and need to move due to long periods of sitting. The 7th inning stretch gets the fans standing up and stretching before the last few innings of the game. The players also get a break before putting forth extra effort into the last few innings to finish strong. Your Air conditioning unit can be in the same situation. If your AC unit has been running for awhile, even years, it may be time to get it checked out before the rest of the season begins. How prepared is your unit to go the season with keeping your family in top condition and staying cool? It is important to keep your unit in shape and not let it get to the point of exhausting where it cannot do its job. These tips will help keep your air conditioning running smooth and according to plan.

  1. Equipment – Quality Filters
    Lower quality filters can cause serious damage to your system. A unit with no filters at all will lead to a dirty evaporator coil which will result in poor cooling or no cooling at all.If you choose to use a 1″ store bought filter from your local hardware store, we suggest you change it monthly to prevent too much dust passing through it and collecting on your wet coils. A high quality filter will collect more dust and help your system run more efficient, in turn saving you money on your energy bill. If you choose a higher quality filtration system for your home we have the solution for you. Check out this video to compare our EnviroMax® Filter to the standard 1″ store bought filter.
  2. Training – Thermostat Settings
    Turn up your thermostat when you leave your house. This cuts down on the wear and tear on your unit when you are not home. An air conditioner is like a car, the higher the mileage the more likely it is to break down.
  3. Manicured Playing Field – Landscaping
    Keep the area around your outdoor unit clean. Trim landscaping away from your outdoor unit. Outdoor units are air cooled; thick shrubs or debris around the unit will cause it to run harder and will lead to failure.
  4. Annual Physical – Maintenance
    Have your unit serviced annually by a licensed HVAC contractor. Just because your unit feels like it is working doesn’t mean it’s working at peak performance. An annual service visit will help keep your unit running efficiently which will lead to lower utility costs.

As the spring and summer seasons start, remember to keep your unit in shape by following the game plan. If you have to send your unit to the injured reserve list, it may not be as comfortable at home as it is at the baseball stadium enjoying America’s pastime. A baseball game is actually a pretty good place to be whether you are or are not experiencing optimized air conditioning. Let’s look forward to a successful NBL season as well as keeping cool at home – that’s a win in any play book!

The EMax Team