As spring continues, temperatures are beginning to climb higher and higher in Cypress, Texas. A homeowner’s best defense from the heat is a properly working AC. However, if there is an underlying problem with your unit, your AC may not work as efficiently as needed to keep you cool. As a leading AC repair company in Cypress, Texas, Enviromax Services Inc. understands that no one wants to suffer from the Texas heat in their home, so we’ve provided a checklist to help ensure your AC will keep you cool as the temperatures rise:


  1. Have the Coils in Your Outdoor Unit Cleaned

Your AC’s outdoor unit collects dust, mud, and other types of debris. This can cause a clog in the unit, meaning your AC won’t run as efficiently as it should to keep your home comfortable. To make sure your AC will perform at its best, take some time have the coils on your outdoor unit cleaned by a professional AC company in Cypress, Texas. Whether your coils are lightly soiled or extremely dirty, a professional will be able to ensure the coils are efficiently cleaned without voiding the warranty on your unit.



  1. Inspect the Coolant Lines

The tubes or pipes that run from the air handler’s evaporator to the outdoor condenser outside are usually lined with foam coolant insulation. This helps prevent the loss of energy and keeps your AC running smoothly. However, this insulation can become frayed or damaged – meaning your AC won’t be up to the task of keeping you cool as the weather warms up. Inspect the coolant lines for any problems and give your local air conditioning company a call if you notice anything unusual.



  1. Clean the Fins on Your AC Unit

Clean fins on your AC unit help it run more efficiently, keeping your home cool no matter what the outdoor temperature is. However, if the fins are covered with grime, the AC will not run properly. Check the fins on your unit and see if they are clean and free of any gunk. To give them a quick cleaning, use a small, soft brush, such as a car cleaning brush, and gently run the brush along each fin. Remember to gently apply pressure, as the thin metal can easily bend or break.



  1. Check All Return Grills and Supply Vents

Go through your home and check the supply vents and return grills. Make sure they are open and free of dust, pet hair, or other debris. If the vents or grills are clogged, air will not flow properly, leading to an increased risk of an AC unit breakdown as the temperatures rise.


The Texas heat can be brutal, even during spring. You’ll want to ensure your AC is up to the task of keeping you cool. For help with any of your air conditioner maintenance or repair needs, give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555.