Summer is officially underway in Cypress, Texas, and many residents are looking to their AC unit to keep the temperatures bearable in their home. However, an AC that’s making odd noises may not be able to keep you and your family as cool as they would like to be this summer. At Enviromax Services Inc., we understand the importance of knowing what your AC unit is trying to tell you, so we’ve laid out 4 air conditioner sounds you never want to ignore:


  1. Rattling

A rattling noise often indicates an issue with the blower assembly or motor. Most likely, the underlying cause of this sound is due to these components coming loose, and the problem should be addressed by a professional AC technician. If these noises get worse as the blower is running, it’s best to shut the system off until it can be repaired, as a part has either completely disconnected or is broken.



  1. Clicking

Don’t be alarmed if you hear a clicking noise when your HVAC unit powers on and off – this is normal. However, it isn’t normal to hear repetitive clicking sounds from the outside compressor or control panel. The sound could be due to a defective relay or by an electrical control causing the relay to timeout and ultimately fail.



  1. Squealing

A high-pitched squealing noise is not only irritating, it can also signal that there is an issue with the belt or motor. This can lead to a serious problem if not addresses quickly, as broken belts can cause complete motor failure. In this case, it’s best to let a certified AC technician handle the issue, as the fix could include adding a specific kind of lubricant to the oil port.



  1. Buzzing

While it’s common for AC units to hum or buzz, it should be quiet enough to not be a distraction in your home. If buzzing from the AC unit is the first sound you hear when you walk in the door, it means there is a problem with your unit. The source of this sound can be hard to pinpoint, as it could be due to lose parts, a malfunctioning compressor, or even a frozen unit. An HVAC specialist will be able to alert you of the exact underlying cause of this noise.


No one knows the normal sounds of your AC better than you. If you notice a sound that is out-of-the-ordinary coming from the unit, it can indicate a potentially serious problem. Give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555. We’re a leading name in AC services in Cypress, Texas.