EnviroMax Service Inc. understands how important it is to have your home in tip top shape. Especially, after a major flood has wreaked havoc on your home.  We know that you want to get back in your home fast which is why we are here to help you understand your electrical system and make sure your home and your family are safe. If any electric devices, i.e. plugs, switches, equipment, electrical panels, etc. have been exposed to floodwater, then it needs to be examined and possibly replaced. Water will cause rapid corrosion that can lead to arcing/fire and further damage to your home. Please, do not attempt any electrical repairs or connections of temporary supplies yourself – always use a licensed electrician.

  1. First, we highly recommend shutting off the main breaker and have it inspected. The main breaker is the heart to your home’s electrical system. If it contains moisture or corrosion due to the flooding, it will need to be replaced. If the power is on and the electrical system got wet, don’t touch it! If you must stand in water to shut off your main breaker, don’t touch it! Call Us immediately at (713) 466-7555. We will send someone out to do a free inspection.
  2. Second, if you have power and a few of the breakers are flipped, we don’t advise flipping them back. A Flipped breaker after the flood can be caused by many different factors, and it will need to be inspected by a certified electrician to assess the issue. Flipping a tripped breaker can cause serious harm to yourself and can cause additional problems such as fires or electrical hazards.
  3. Third, have an electrical inspection and periodic test carried out on the property. The licensed electrician will issue you an Electrical Installation Condition Report (ECIR) which will identify the condition of the wiring and equipment that will need to be repaired due to the floodwater damage.
  4. Finally, all your household appliances will need to be tested and checked to make sure they are safe for continued use, as well as fix equipment such as your oven, water heaters and HVAC systems that may have sustained damage due to the water.

If you need any assistance with your electrical system, our family is ready to help your family. Family owned and operated, EnviroMax Service Inc. has been trusted by Houston and the surrounding areas for over 35 years. Our hearts go out to all the people effected by Harvey and are offering a FREE service call and FREE estimate. Call (713) 466-7555 today, and we will send someone out to help you get back in your home safely.