With the holidays just a few weeks away, you may be planning to pack up and go on vacation. Many people don’t consider the fact that a few simple preparations can help save money while you’re out of town. Enviromax Services Inc. understands that vacations are expensive, so we’ve laid out some tips to help you out. Here’s some easy ways to save on your electricity bill when you’re out of town:


  1. Set Your Thermostat


Your home’s temperature doesn’t need to be set to a comfortable 72 degrees when there is no-one there to enjoy it. For those with pets, make sure your home’s thermostat is set to a temperature that will not cause them any discomfort. Check with your veterinarian to see what household temperature is safe for pets while you are gone.


  1. Prepare Your Refrigerator


If your travel plans are more than a few days long, consider unplugging your refrigerator. This appliance is a major energy consumer. Before leaving, unload food out of your refrigerator and clean it thoroughly. Place a box of baking soda in both the freezer and the refrigerator to draw in moisture and prevent mold from growing. Once this is done, unplug your refrigerator to prevent it from consuming unnecessary energy.


  1. Unplug Small Equipment


While you may not think of small appliances and devices as major energy consumers, they can add up to a higher electricity bill. These devices can still draw energy, even when they are not in use. Some things you may want to unplug include:

  • Cable box
  • Coffee maker
  • Game consoles
  • Laptops
  • Rechargeable toothbrushes


  1. Close Blinds and Curtains


Saving energy doesn’t always involve conserving electricity. Usually, blinds and curtains are used to either let light in or keep it out, but they can also be useful to save money while you’re on vacation. Before leaving, lower your blinds and close your curtains. This simple act can help you save money in all seasons. In summer, this keeps the heat from entering the house, and in the winter, it prevents heat from escaping.


  1. Make Sure All Lights Are Off


One of the simplest ways to save money on your electrical bill while on vacation is turning off lights. Check to make sure all light switches and lamps are shut off before leaving. If you are concerned about leaving your home looking unoccupied, consider purchasing an automatic timer. These devices allow your lights to turn on and off at specific times of the day to deter any burglars.


Holiday vacations are a great way to escape stress and spend time with loved ones, but no one enjoys coming home to an expensive electrical bill. These tips can help you enjoy your time away without worrying about your energy consumption. Enviromax Services Inc. is a leading name in air conditioning, electrical, heating and refrigeration maintenance in the Cypress, Texas, area. Give us a call at (713) 466-7555.