With sweltering temperatures and longer days around the corner, you will soon be trading your heater and heavy layers for shorts and air conditioning.

Before it gets too hot and you have to blast your AC round the clock, it is a good idea to get professional air conditioning service so your system is ready to handle what could be months of continuous use.

The following are a few steps to help you determine whether your AC unit is ready for the heat, or if you should consider seeking professional AC service:

Step 1: Clean your AC Unit

Regularly cleaning your AC unit with a brush or piece of cloth will not only keep your system looking like new, but also running like new. Before you start cleaning, remember to completely power down the system for safety reasons.

If your unit is located outside, clear any obstructions on the condenser grill as weathering can cause debris to buildup in these areas, preventing the cooler from running properly. Make sure to gently wipe the fins off of any dust and debris so they can dissipate heat from the unit efficiently.

When you’re sure that the power is off, use a vacuum brush to clean the evaporator coils in window AC units, or a hose/commercial AC cleaner for outdoor units.

Step 2: Inspect the Coolant Lines

This is the refrigerant hose running from the condenser (located outside) to your AC’s evaporator on the air handler. Coolant lines are typically insulated with foam to prevent energy loss. Check for areas where the insulation is frayed or completely removed and wrap them with foam insulation tape. This will help to conserve energy and improve the cost effectiveness of your system.


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