A common complaint during the summer in Cypress, Texas, “Why does my home feel so hot?” Many homeowners set their thermostat to a comfortable temperature, only to find that their home still feels muggy and warm – a bad combination for the hottest time of the year. At Enviromax Services Inc., we understand it can be frustrating when your home isn’t comfortable, so we’ve laid out some helpful information about humidity in your home and what you can do to fight it:


How Does Humidity Affect Your Home’s Temperature?

Think of a typical summer in Cypress, Texas. Often, it’s not the temperature that makes it feel so hot, but the humidity. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air, with higher humidity percentages indicating a larger amount of this moisture in the air. The more moisture that is in the air, the hotter you feel, as the rate of evaporation is slower. The concept of humidity also applies to your home. A crucial part of your home’s A/C system is humidity removal, but not all units are equal when it comes to removing this humidity from your home.


Single Speed Units vs. Variable Speed Units: Which is Better for Humidity Removal?

Because they are a lower-cost option, many homes are built with a single speed A/C unit. These units work by running at 100% power, no matter what, to cool your home quickly. This often results in a short cooling cycle and less moisture being removed from the air before the unit shuts off. In order for these units to efficiently remove humidity, an additional dehumidifier must be added which can be costly. To make matters worse, if your single speed unit is unable to lower your home’s humidity level below 70%, the risk for mold growth inside your house becomes very likely.


Variable speed units, unlike single speed units, can run at a multitude of speeds. Because of this, the cooling cycles for these units are longer, meaning more moisture is pulled out of the air. Variable speed units are able to smoothly control humidity without the short-lived blasts of frigid air that single speed units provide. While it is impossible to remove all humidity from your home’s air, these systems will often help your home reach the ideal humidity level of 50-55%. As an additional bonus, the exceptional humidity removal does not require an extra component, removing the need for additional maintenance costs on the dehumidifier.


When it comes to humidity removal in your home, not all A/C units are created equally. To keep your home cool and comfortable this season, give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555. We’re the leading name in air conditioning in Cypress, Texas.