Fall is a wonderful season.

The freshness of cool air, the thought of Thanksgiving dinner, and the gathering of friends and family all bring an excitement to the table. Along with the season can come colder weather than what we expect. Having your furnace checked up before the coldest days come should be on your to do list before the holidays come.

Here are some top reasons to have your furnace checked before you really need it.

  1. Carbon Monoxide leaks.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can originate from damaged furnaces or other gas appliances. Breathing this gas can be fatal. Make sure your gatherings are safe.

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  1. Does it turn on?

Give your furnace a trial run before cold weather hits so if there is a problem, you can have it fixed in time!

  1. Check for fire hazards!

The first time you turn on the furnace for the winter you may smell a faint burning odor. This smell is usually due to dust burning off the equipment after sitting idle for the summer. The smell should dissipate quickly. If it does not, turn off the furnace and call a qualified technician.

Wires can become loose or chewed on by “visitors” in your attic or basement. Either inspect the equipment before turning on your furnace for loose wires and panels or call a qualified technician.

This goes for your dryer too. Make sure your dryer vent isn’t clogged so you can rest assured and enjoy the holidays without worrying about potential fires.

Call today to schedule your check up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Emax Team