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Surge Protection

In American households, the standard voltage for wiring is 120 volts. When a power surge occurs, the voltage may rise higher than 120 volts, meaning your TV, computer, or any other important electronic devices in your home can become fried.

These surges can be caused by a variety of factors, like large appliance motors turning on or off, power grid switching from your electricity company, and lightning.  When it comes to protecting your electronics, you want to equip your home with a high-quality surge protector. What makes Enviromax’s surge protectors different? Here are some of the benefits of whole-home surge protection:

  • Cost-Friendly – Instead of buying multiple, expensive surge protectors to protect different aspects of your home, Enviromax’s surge protectors keep your whole house running with the purchase of just one unit
  • Convenient – Whole home surge protectors protect your TV, your AC, and any other electrical devices you have in your home without the hassle of setting up multiple units.
  • Consistent – Instead of hooking several devices up to several surge protectors, our whole-home surge protector streamlines your devices into one unit, meaning you get consistent protection from a single protector. Best of all, our whole-home surge protectors eliminate the need to remember which device is plugged into which surge protectors.

In addition, each Enviromax surge protection unit sold comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is wired into the existing panel* by Cypress, Texas’ most trusted surge protection technicians.

* A small charge may apply if an additional panel must be added.

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A whole-home surge protector protects the electronic devices within your home by only allowing the needed amount of electricity into your home. Should a power surge occur, the surge protector essentially “takes the hit” for your entire home, so your valuable electronic devices are safe. The unit is typically wired directly into the electrical service box, which gives the surge protector the ability to provide protection for the entire home. You never know when a power surge will occur, so it’s best to arm your home with a high-quality whole-home surge protector.

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