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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged or dirty dryer vents can not only dramatically reduce the efficiency of your units but also pose a significant fire risk. Cleaning your dryer vents should be top priority, regardless of other HVAC problems you may be having. Whether you live in an apartment, townhome, condo or house, we can help you maintain and properly clean your dryer vents.

Depending upon your specific laundry requirements and the age/design of your dryer unit, we can prepare a custom service plan which restores your unit to 100% functionality at an affordable price. Don’t wait for a dangerous hazard to present itself – take a proactive approach to dryer vent cleaning.

What exactly are the benefits of dryer vent cleaning, you may be asking? One of the most direct positive effects of dryer vent cleaning is reduced utility bills and faster drying times. With a thorough cleaning, your dryer will be operating just like new. As we mentioned previously, cleaning your dryer vents will also help ensure that your unit doesn’t become a fire hazard. Dryer vents are responsible for a large number of home fires each year. Instead of becoming a statistic, we strongly encourage you to contact us today and schedule your next cleaning.

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Throughout the many years we have been in business, we always place our customers on the top of our priority list. If you are visiting our website for the first time, please, feel free to call us and discuss your particular needs with our service professionals. We guarantee that our dryer vent cleaning technicians will offer you a top-quality service at an affordable price.

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After you have scheduled your vent cleaning, one of our team members will visit your home and thoroughly assess how much cleaning is required. Each dryer is different, which is why we invest so much time and energy in order to guarantee that we are prepared to clean your specific dryer model. Contact us today to learn more, we look forward to hearing from you.

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“Enviromax and their employees were awesome! They installed a new A/C unit (Trane) in one day. My house is cooler than ever, and humidity is under control. I highly recommend Enviromax. They were amazing from the initial quote to the installation.”

– Lisa Stetler

“Enviromax installed a new Trane unit in my home as well as upgraded my electrical panel.Everyone I dealt with was so knowledgeable and professional.Everything was coordinated perfectly by the managers in charge.I will never use another contractor but Enviromax!”

-Lindsay Thompson

“Their response time to my request was impressive, and very good at following up with estimates. Workers were on time and efficient installing new system. Additionally their electricians provided exceptional work of the highest quality. Jack and Clint provided premium customer service while maintaining competitive pricing. Expect great results from Enviromax!”

-Adam Alburger

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