A house fire is one of the most devastating situations a homeowner may face. Unfortunately, many house fires are started by the home itself. Especially in older homes, the electrical wiring may be outdated so the home cannot handle the electric currents. Old wires or wiring with damages are prone to overheating which eventually leads to a fire. Burning and smoke will be obvious warnings of electrical problems, but homeowners should recognize the earlier signs too. If you know your home is older or it has been a while since your home had electrical repairs, recognize when your home needs help.

Protect the Breaker

Just like the older video game consoles, people think it is best to completely reset. However, do not let this turn into a habit. It can be extremely dangerous to reset the home breaker. If the electricity is acting up, your home may be trying to tell you something. It is rare that the breaker trips unless there is an internal malfunction. Resetting the circuit breaker is not a recommendation. If your lights, appliances or other electrical connections are faulty, look to the wiring setup.

Loose Wires

Loose wires may be just as bad as wires with previous damage. Even a newer home can suffer from some loose connections. This naturally happens over time, but try to maintain your home’s electrical wiring. The wires themselves may crack or fray as well. If the wall plate over the outlet starts to break, this can leave wires exposed to even more damages.

Flickering Lights

Every light and electrical device go back to the same setup. So, if one appliance turns on and another act up, there is something going on within the home. Average lights may flicker on and off during a powerful storm or harsh weather, but not on a clear day. Even dimming lights can reveal potential problems. Every connection should have strong wiring with a reliable power source.

Hot to Touch

Before any smoke appears, your home outlets may begin to overheat. Homeowners may feel the heat coming from one their plugs. The excessive heat is a dangerous sign. Not only are your plugs hot to the touch, but they are getting worse with time. Whether it’s an old connection or internal damage, warm outlets should not be the norm for your home. Scorch marks may also be left behind if there is overheating problems.

If you notice any of these electrical problems in your home, act right away and avoid a house fire. Loose wires and overheating can lead to major electrical problems so consult a professional electrician. Enviromax Services Inc. offers electrical services even with a 24-hour emergency response. As a homeowner, you want to protect yourself from a house fire so make sure you are prepared.