Electricity is not something to play with. This is a powerful source running through all our homes. In some cases, homeowners may have a close encounter with an electric shock. Since electricity is powerful, but dangerous at the same time, there are special guards that can protect yourself and your home. The ground fault circuit interrupter may seem like a complex system, but it is there to save the home electrical system from a harmful imbalance of powers. GFCI protection is a must for every home.

What is GFCI Protection?

GFCI safety protects you from your home. There are electric currents always running so GFCI is there as a defense system. There are grounded and ungrounded conductors in every home electricity setup. If these conductors cross paths, the powerful shock can be deadly. The protection from GFCI monitors any close calls between these two currents. The GFCI literally interrupts the shock before it is too late. If the current starts to run through some one’s body, this guard can sense the danger and save lives. GFCI protection can be a lifesaver, but there must be a correct installation. If this interrupter is not connected properly, it will fail to serve its purpose and lead to major consequences.

Problems in the Kitchen

Every home should have GFCI protection. Homes should especially include CFCI guards in the kitchen. The kitchen is a busy part of most homes since there are many appliances, outlets and conductors. For instance, water is a common conductor of electricity. Anywhere near the sink or other areas where water is present, there should be a secure GFCI. These GFCI protectors look like any other outlet and wall plate, except for a few buttons. There is a reset and test button in the middle of this outlet. We recommend monthly testing for your GFCI protector. A quick test can ensure that you are safe from electric shock or it can reveal a necessary repair.

Since electricity involves many parts and connections, it is best to trust a professional for GFCI installation and maintenance. GFCI protection is for your safety. Consider installing GFCI protection for your home. If you already have GFCI at home, make sure it is working properly and prepared to protect your family in case of shock. Enviromax Services Inc. handles GFCI installations. Our electricians run safety tests and are ready to help your home.