Is your AC making weird sounding noises that worry you? Fear not, since most of these sounds come from the operation of the compressor and are completely normal. Even after you turn off your AC, you may hear normal sounds of the pressure equalizing in the pipelines sounding like a kind of hissing. However, there are some noises from your AC unit that need attention. There are several noises you never want to hear from your AC unit.

Familiarize Yourself with The AC Unit

Keep in mind that distinct functions such as the ionizer have a separate set of normal sounds that you may not be familiar with. At first, the AC activates different components for the specific AC mode. Remember, there are some noises that indicate if something is wrong or something is about to go wrong. Sounds that you hear from your AC unit and need further attention from an air conditioning technician are the following…

• Bubbling Sounds

If you hear a sound that resembles bubbling, and especially if the bubbling sounds with hissing, then you’re probably dealing with a leakage problem. This is because the refrigerant medium escapes the secure circuit and makes way for atmospheric air to enter. These leakages are dangerous for our health and environment, so they need immediate AC repair.

• Electric Sounds

If the sound that you’re hearing resembles something like an electrical short circuit or discharge noise, then your outside fan motor may suffer from loose wires or arcing connections. In that case, you should consult a professional electrician who specializes in AC equipment.

• Rattling Noise

If you hear a continuous rattling or buzzing noise during the typical AC operation, that only changes frequency now and then, it is often the compressor. The noise comes from the compressor mechanism moving freely inside the casing due to a failure on one or more of its mounts, hitting on the sides and producing a constant rattling sound.

• Loud Banging

This may be the most concerning since the noise is loud and you can’t ignore it. If something sounds like its banging inside your AC unit, it’s probably because there is something loose and hitting against adjacent components. The possibilities also include the compressor as it may produce a loud banging depending on its size and type if the mounting fails.

• Noises at Start-up

If you hear noises when starting the AC, something is loose, or another part is too close to the framing. When pressure builds up from the compressor start-up it hits against the frame body repeatedly. It will gradually stop as the pressure stabilizes.

• Rumbling Noise

If you hear rumbling noises, it may be a bolt, spare part or an installation tool left inside the AC. Remove this part as soon as possible before it causes further damage to the inside of your AC unit.

For weird noises that you hear from your AC unit, call a professional AC technician now. Envriomax Services Inc. serves North Houston communities such as Cypress, Katy, Spring, Tomball and other areas. We have experience with all AC repairs and maintenance. Call today for an AC inspection or emergency AC repairs.