Air conditioning is a luxury, but greatly needed in the heat of Houston, Texas. Air conditioning lowers the air temperature whether in a hot building or a vehicle. Leaving your AC unit exposed can lead to theft or damage, even though they are always pretty heavy.

Why would somebody attempt to steal a heavy AC unit? 

Most AC thieves are often after the copper unit parts, which can be sold later on. The more experienced a thief, the less time it takes to steal one. Some thieves even go at great lengths of camouflaging as service repairmen to eliminate possible suspicion.

There are ways people can protect their AC unit and avoid this problem.

Not Installing a Cage or Electrical Fence

Not having a secure installation of a locked cage or steel bars around your AC unit can expose you to security issues. Specifically designed cages make it harder for thieves to cut through. Having an AC unit that is hidden or behind fencing can also help.

Poor Location

The requirement of the electrical disconnect to the condensing unit often vary by location. The purpose of the electrical disconnects, usually installed within arm’s reach, is to shut off of the AC unit in case of an emergency. Allowing anyone to remove or relocate your service disconnect more than 4 feet from the AC unit would increase the chances of theft or damage.

No or Poor Lighting

The presence of light in an area ensures security, as most thieves prefer to steal at night when the visibility is greatly impeded. Failure to install an exterior light with a motion detector to keep your home well-lit, covering your AC system, can expose you to theft or damage. The motion detector can greatly help in the day time when most people have gone to work and AC thieves are lurking.

Lack of Security Cameras

No thief would want his or her image taken as this is a straight ticket to being caught. Your failure to install a security camera within the area your unit is located, exposes you further. You must never install the camera low enough to be reached and vandalized. Even though the use of cameras may not allow your AC from being stolen, it can greatly be of importance in identifying a thief. Some do usually even installed fake cameras, and even that is enough to scare way potential thieves. You can even include a beware notice; it scares thieves away that easily.

Failure to Install Alarms

The refrigerant lines have to be cut first for the refrigerant to discharge from the system before removing the condenser unit. Though the refrigerant alarms installation is a bit expensive, their use can help prevent the high total costs incurred from a stolen or damaged AC unit.

It is important to recognize that AC units are a valuable part to your home. The integration of various security systems is what will help in provide a high level protection of your AC unit. Keep your AC running smoothly and protected for you and your family’s benefit.