How much thought have you given about the potential impact your HVAC air filters have on our health? I mean, really? For many, this critical piece of your system stays “out of sight, out of mind”. What makes one filter better than the other? Today we are going to uncover a few of the misconceptions concerning A/C filters and what you can do, moving forward, to protect you and your family against excessive dust, allergens and other common health related issues related to poor indoor air quality.


  1. Misconception #1 – A filter is a filter.

***Not all filters are created equal.***      

Filters are rated by their MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The MERV scale rates on a scale from 1-16 with 16 being the most efficient. Now, beyond the technical, this means that the lower the MERV the more particles are passing through your filter. The particles that pass through your filter get recirculated until they find a resting place. These places consist of your return and supply plenums, your evaporator coil, ducts, excessive dust in your home, or in your respiratory system.


  1. Misconception #2 My 3 month filter is enough.

Many homeowners have come to believe that purchasing a 3 month throw away filter will adequately keep their HVAC system clean while simultaneously providing a high level of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). This is a bit of a “smoky mirror”. Upon further inspection you will find in the “fine print” that these types of filters say they can last UP TO 3 months. Why? Because the average run time of an Air Conditioning system will vary from home to home and from one climate to the next. For example, according to the Department of Energy, the average run time of an A/C unit in Houston is 2200 hours. This is going to be much more than a house located in Colorado. The amount of run time for an A/C system is due in large part to region it’s in.


  1. Misconception #3 – I have one Filter in my attic that takes care all everything.

A media cabinet or “whole house” filter that you have in your attic poses a couple of different problems. First, one of the biggest issues I have found with this type of filter is that it is completely out of sight. Life gets very busy and homeowners have a tendency to forget that there is even a filter to be changed. Until the damage has been done. Second, I want you to look at this through the eyes of common sense. Your house still has return vents where a “regular” filter would go. Correct? Okay, what is stopping the harmful particles from collecting within the space between your return vents and the filter in your attic? Nothing! The truth is there can be no other filters used when you have a media cabinet filter. If you do, you run the risk of restricting the air and causing premature system malfunctions. Finally, media cabinet filters are not sealed which means that harmful particles are continually bypassing the filter reintroducing themselves back into your house just waiting for a place to settle.


  1. Misconception #4 – I have a high priced filter. It must work.

There’s only one way to address this misconception. The cost of your filter has no relevance to its efficiency or effectiveness. Now, under perfect conditions, it is possible for these types of filters to live up to the hype. Who has perfect conditions? Another smoky mirror. Everything that has to do with your HVAC system works synergistically together. So, anything from

improper installs to infiltration issues can affect the “high dollar” filters ability to perform at peak performance.


Okay, enough with the misconceptions. Let’s talk about solutions.

The solution to all these misconceptions, and more, can be found in the Enviromax “Once a Year” Filter. Enviromax filters have been patented and are made on site in Cypress, Tx. What makes these filters so special. I’m glad you “virtually” asked because we sincerely C.A.R.E

Convenience – Enviromax 4″ filters are guaranteed to last one full year while the 2″ filters are guaranteed to last 6 months. The need for being vigilant month after month to make sure your changing your filters is no more.

Affordable – Enviromax filters are competitively priced. In fact, according to our research the Enviromax filter is cheaper than that of store bought filters while blowing our nearest competitor out of the water in terms of MERV rating and actual particle removal.

Reminders – Enviromax is committed to offering the best customer service possible. That’s why we make it easy for you to be notified when it’s time to change your filter through an email and/or text message.

Efficiency – Enviromax’s filter efficiency is unmatched. Not only because of the high MERV rating, but, also because of the way the filter and its housing is made.

If you or anyone in your family are suffering the effects of allergies, congestion, reoccurring sickness or any other issue associated with poor indoor air quality call today for a complimentary duct inspection with filter assessment. Don’t delay. Many homeowners never think to look at the quality of air inside their homes as a potential threat. Don’t be one of those that make that mistake.


An Enviromax filter can make all the difference in your home’s HVAC system’s performance, life expectancy and indoor air quality. To learn more about the Enviromax Once-a-Year filter, give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555.