We may be entering the colder time of year, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your home’s air filter. The filter is just as important during the fall and winter as it is during the spring and summer. One-inch filters can get dirty very quickly, meaning it can be a hassle to keep up with a proper replacement schedule, but failing to keep up with regular changes can cause some major problems for your HVAC system. Thankfully, the Enviromax Once-a-Year filter only requires one simple change per year, reducing the risk for problems caused by a dirty air filter, such as:


  1. Overheating or Freezing

A dirty filter prevents heated or cooled air from traveling out of your system as easily as it should. Eventually, this can cause your HVAC system to either freeze or overheat, depending on the time of year it is. This can lead to the need for an expensive repair from a professional A/C company. Additionally, you’ll also be using the same amount of energy without noticing any heating or cooling effects, leading to high energy costs. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with an Enviromax filter – our filters stay clean for an entire year, reducing the risk for system problems.



  1. Dirty Ducts

Air cannot circulate as quickly as needed with a dirty air filter. This means that particles can settle within your ducts, as opposed to being filtered as they should. This leads to dirty ducts, which can affect both the quality of your home’s air and the way your HVAC system functions. This problem can be virtually eliminated with the help of our Enviromax Once-a-Year filter. Our filter stays clean for a full year, meaning your ducts stay clean as well.



  1. Increased Wear on Your HVAC System

With a dirty filter, the blower fan in your HVAC system must work harder to efficiently push air throughout your home. While this may not seem like a problem, the results can be noticed in your energy bills, as the system must use more energy to do its job. Additionally, a harder workload on your HVAC system means that problems caused by wear-and-tear will happen much more quickly. An Enviromax Once-a-Year filter is designed with your HVAC system in mind, allowing your system to effectively push air throughout your home all year long.



  1. Poor Air Flow

Dirty air filters, as previously mentioned, make it harder for your HVAC system to move air throughout your home. In addition to the problems this can cause your system, it can also disrupt your comfort. Some areas of your home may feel cold, while others seem scorching hot. Take control of your comfort by tossing your old, dirty filter and using an Enviromax filter that stays clean for an entire year.



  1. Bacteria and Mold Growth

A cheap 1-inch filter may have additional material that can allow moisture to develop and gather. This can encourage and almost certainly lead to growth of bacteria and mold. As the bacteria or mold grows in your filter’s material, spores are released into the air and inhaled into your lungs. This can cause upper respiratory problems to develop or can make any current respiratory conditions you have worse. With an Enviromax Once-a-Year filter, you don’t have to worry about extra material leading to mold growth – our expertly-crafted filters are designed to fit perfectly within their housing.


The right filter can make all the difference in your home’s air and the way your HVAC system performs. To lean more about the Enviromax Once-a-Year filter, give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555.