Your AC is more important than ever during the summer. It helps keeps your home cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature outside may be. However, some habits may actually be ruining your source of cool air. At Enviromax Services Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your AC unit in great shape, so we’ve listed some habits you may need to kick that can lead to a broken AC:


  1. Always Running the Unit

During the summer, it can be easy to constantly rely on your air conditioner. However, if it is always running, the unit can become overworked. To prevent this, try covering windows with blinds or curtains to block out sunlight and keep your home cooler. This gives your AC a rest by eliminating the need to constantly turn on and cool down your house.

  1. You Don’t Check for Ice Buildup

Even in the middle of summer, there is still a chance for ice to build upon your AC. Some common causes of this issue include using a unit that is too small to cool your home and trying to lower the temperature of your home too much. Ice buildup can lead to motor failure, so be sure to periodically check for signs of ice on your AC unit.

  1. Never Changing the Filter

Simply keeping up with regular air filter changes can do wonders for your air conditioner unit. A dirty filter restricts the flow of air across the evaporator coil, which makes the compressor work harder and wears out more quickly. To keep your unit in top shape, aim to change the filters at least four times a year.

  1. You Don’t Keep Up with Maintenance Services

You should have an AC company come out and perform maintenance on your unit once a year. This allows a professional technician to clean the outdoor condenser coils and check the blower motor, return and supply lines, and refrigerant levels to make sure everything is working properly. If these tasks aren’t handled at least once a year, it can quickly lead to a broken unit.

  1. The Area Around Your Unit Isn’t Clean

Keeping the area around your AC unit clean is important to expanding the unit’s overall life. Trash, toys, and even plants that are too close to your outdoor unit can block airflow. As a result, your AC unit must work harder to keep your home at the right temperature.


Your AC is important, especially during the summer. Don’t let these habits reduce the lifespan of your unit. For professional AC repair in Cypress, Texas, give Enviromax Services Inc. a call at (713) 466-7555.