The winter months have finally arrived and that means the cold weather has too. If keeping your home warm and toasty is starting to make your energy bills look chilling, here are some useful tips to help cut your costs. With fuel prices on the rise, you can use these four strategies to keep your utility bills in check.

1. Update your HVAC system

Although updating your HVAC system might sound like a huge expense, it could actually save you more money in the long run. Generally, a furnace lasts between 10-20 years, but all situations are unique. With a new, energy efficient furnace or heating system you could cut down your utility bills and consumption of energy resources. There are many options available to choose from. A professional can help you determine if it’s time for a heating repair or heating replacement and the right type of system for your home.

2. Get insulated

Home insulation can significantly reduce your bills this winter – especially when openings in walls or floors are allowing cold air to enter your home. Proper insulation will trap heat inside your home so you won’t have to crank up your heating system. The result? Lower bills! If you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, hire a professional to insulate your home for you. The cost will depend on the size and age of your home, but it could pay for itself over a longer period of time. You might want to do this before the winter weather starts, but insulating your home at any time of the year will provide you with money-saving benefits.

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