It’s the middle of summer and Houstonians are feeling the heat. How is the Houston summer treating your home and workplace? We love the summer, but not the humidity and high temperatures. Even with the powerful sun, your air conditioning is keeping you cool, right? If you’re suffering from the heat while at home or at work, your AC may be losing its fight against the summer weather. Good thing your AC can bounce back with some help from a professional air condition technician. Follow along to see what expert AC techs say about your AC in the summer. Who will win: your AC or the heat?

1. Watch, Smell and Listen to Your AC Unit

Smell your AC unit? Yes, it sounds crazy, but you should be using all your senses this summer if you want to take care of your AC in Houston. Keep an eye on your AC. Most unit for AC in Houston, Texas are in our own backyards. So, occasionally, take a quick trip to the backyard and check on the unit. You can also listen to your AC unit from inside your home. If you notice any odd sounds, smells or change in temperature, check on the AC right away. Always stay calm, but recognize that your AC needs attention from you or a professional AC technician.

2. Keep the Number on Your Thermostat Consistent

Anytime you move the thermostat up or down, your AC adjusts to that same number. So, if you’re changing the thermostat several times throughout the day, your AC is working harder. Especially if your air filters are dirty or your AC unit needs regular maintenance, it’ll be working overtime. The best advice is to keep the thermostat at a consistent number during the summer. Once the weather cools down, it’s fine to change the temperature. During the Houston summer, we all know it’s going to be hot so find a temperature that works for your family or employees. The number on your thermostat affects your electricity bills and environment so choose wisely.

3. Pick One Person to Control the Air Conditioning

With smartphones and new apps, it’s possible to control your home AC from work, the grocery store or even on vacation. However, do not take this feature lightly. If you, your wife or even your teens download an app to control the AC unit, that means there are at least three people with access to the thermostat. Our AC technicians at Enviromax Services Inc. recommend having one person who generally manages the AC. It’s great that your entire family wants to monitor the thermostat, but a lack of communication could cause serious problems for the unit, your home and next bill.

4. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Lastly, remember to schedule regular AC inspections and maintenance with a professional AC technician. It’s easy to forget, but it’s also easy to pick up the phone and call Enviromax Services Inc. To truly outlast the Houston summer, you must maintain your AC unit. If you live in Texas, you want to maintain your unit, especially if you have AC in Houston. Environmax Services Inc. offers professional AC repairs to Cypress, Tomball, Katy, Spring and the rest of North Houston. Call today for a quote or even emergency AC repairs. If you follow this advice and trust Enviromax, your AC will win against the Houston summer.